Main Objectives

  1. To continuously optimize the quality of trauma care and thereby reducing mortality, morbidity, and complications.
  2. To optimize The Trauma Chain of Survival, so that the primary resuscitation phase, the secondary diagnostic and therapeutic phase and the rehabilitation phase are shortened, while at the same time the quality is increased by ensuring an optimal utilization of resources, including a reduction in bed-day consumption.
  3. To continue a trauma center that, qualitatively and quantitatively in terms of patient treatment, research, and education, ranks as 1 of 4 leading trauma centers in Denmark at an international level.

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Important dates

National Trauma Conference
Odense 2024
5-6th of February 2024

Trauma Team Training
5th of Marts 2024
4th of June 2024
12th of September 2024
10th of December 2024

Next National Trauma Conference
Copenhagen 2026

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