Danish National Trauma Center Conference 5-6 february 2024
Comwell HCA Hotel, Odense
Pro Musica salenPresenter
9:00WelcomeBjarne Dahler Eriksen and Morten Schultz Larsen
9:15Honorary Lecture: Learning from excellenceAdrian Plunkett
10:00Coffee + exhibition
PrehospitalBjørn Ulrik Nielsen – Moderator
10:30London HEMS – The service, challenging cases and lessons learnedTom Hurst, London HEMS
11:20Danish Prehospital Emergency Physicians (pro)Søren Mikkelsen
11:30Danish Prehospital Emergency Physcisians (contra)Thomas Dissing
InhospitalMorten Schultz Larsen – Moderator
13:00The human respons to injuryKarim Brohi
13:20Whole Blood Transfusion (Pro)Torunn Oveland Apelseth
13:30Whole Blood Transfusion (Contra)Kjell Titlestad
13:50Use of cold and delayed cold-stored plateletsTorunn Oveland Apelseth
14:05After Damage Control Resuscitation – what happens in the intensive care?Karim Brohi
14:25ABC-CAB redefining resuscitationJakob Stensballe
14:40Coffee + exhibition
Trauma TeamsFrederik Borup – Moderator
15:10Trauma room surgeryEmma Possfelt-Møller
15:25Pelvic and extremetiesAllan Evald Nielsen
15:40Nursing expertise within crisis managementMia Blaabjerg
15:55Culture and teamwork of high performance teamsTom Hurst, London HEMS
16:15SIM Training InhospitalKristian Krogh
16:30SIM Training – prehospitalPer Bredmose, Norsk Luftambulance
16:45End of the day
16:50Drinks and snacks
18:30Dinner at Comwell HCA
8:25Welcome Day 2
The Injured Child Stine Zwisler – Moderator
8:30Excellence in your presentationRoss Fisher
8:50TARN childrenRoss Fisher
9:10Prehospital Pediatric ReadinessSøren Mikkelsen
9:25Training in Prehospital Pediatric Trauma CarePer Bredmose
9:40REsilience in PEdiatric Life support (REPEL.DK)Karina Damsgaard Nørby
Bjørn U. Nielsen
9:55Signs and symptoms-that trigger nurses’ concerns about paediatric patientsClaus Sixtus
10:10Inhospital Pediatric ReadinessAnnberrit Olsen
10:25Coffee + exhibition
Poster Presentation Jens Lauritsen/Stine Zwisler – Moderator
11:00Poster 1
Prehospital use of lyophilized plasma – a quality assurance study
Trine N. Sommer et al
11:10Poster 2
Interhospital transfers in elderly trauma patients
Malte Andreas Groth-Rasmussen Koch et al
11:20Poster 3
Enhancing Trauma-c Vertebral Column Fracture Management: Insights from ICU Hospitalization Trajectories
Jens Lindhardt Palm et al
Trauma OrganisationLasse Birkelund- Moderator
12:15Implementing excellenceAdrian Plunkett
12:35Coordinating traumacentersKarim Brohi
12:55PDP meeting, organisational learningAllan Evald Nielsen, Emma Possfelt-Møller
13:10National Danish Trauma Register – How are we doing?Morten Schultz Larsen
13:25Coffee and Exhibition
14:00Mental Health in the Emergency DepartmentMaria Raun
14:15Optimal use of the Danish Air Ambulance for trauma patientsTroels Martin Hansen
Final goodbyes
14:30State of the nation for our 4 traumecenters – excellenceRH, Århus, Odense Aalborg
15:10Closing remarksRH, Århus, Odense Aalborg